Volunteers at Menarock LIFE make a significant contribution to our residents and are a welcomed addition to each facility.
While complementing our existing services, the only skill our volunteers require is the ability to talk to people and provide companionship. Whether it is an outing on a bus, reading a book, gardening, art & craft or simply friendship – your involvement is valued and rewarding.

To register your interest in volunteering with Menarock LIFE, contact the relevant facility or complete the following form.

Volunteer Program

Menarock LIFE prides itself of providing the highest quality care to our residents.  As part of its pursuit to continue to provide high quality care, we require highly dedicated people to assist us in providing this high quality care.  Those dedicated people can include the employees of Menarock LIFE as well as our volunteers.

Why Menarock is expanding its Volunteer Program?

Menarock LIFE’s philosophy is to “Care” for the frail residents of our community with encouragement, kindness and compassion, with the respect of upholding their dignity, privacy and security while conducting the administration and provision of services in the highest professional manner.  By expanding our volunteer program we are able to further enhance our mission and philosophy.
What is in it for our volunteers?
Age can bring its own problems, including reduced mobility owing to ill health or frailty.  This means that older people easily become isolated so volunteers visit them to ensure they stay in touch with the rest of the community.  This is a very rewarding experience for volunteers.


Each volunteer will need to undertake the orientation program.

Police Checks

Once a volunteer is interviewed and determined to be suitable to be part of our program, a police check will be required before the volunteer can commence working at one of our facilities.  Menarock LIFE will pay for the police check.

Volunteer’s Handbook

As part of the orientation process, the volunteer will be provided with the volunteer’s handbook.
⦁    Volunteer makes contact with Menarock at volunteer@menarock.com.au and completes the Application to Volunteer
⦁    Volunteer Coordinator (Group Manager Administration) interviews the volunteer and completes the required document.  If appropriate, a police check is undertaken
⦁    Upon receiving the police check, the volunteer is allocated to a facility and introduction to the Lifestyle Coordinator and DON is made
⦁    The Lifestyle Coordinator completes the orientation and supervises the work of the volunteer and coordinates activities and days of work