Building at Willowbrae

The development of the new two level wing at Willowbrae proceeds apace. In one month we have moved…

From this:

To this:

The development will provide 16 rooms across two levels and include two new sitting rooms which can be accessed by all Willowbrae’s residents.

Even after the development Willowbrae will remain a small home with only 64 residents, keeping with Menarock Life’s philosophy of keeping its homes small enough so that our Directors of Nursing and their senior staff can know well each resident and their family.

Once it is completed the new wing will provide Willowbrae with an enclosed courtyard accessible from both sides of the building (see the attached plan and artists impression). Some of the current residents re so excited that they are have asked for the opportunity to move to the new wing. For more information on Willowbrae View Here.

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