Choosing a home

Moving into permanent residential aged care can be an emotional experience. At the very least you will have feelings similar to moving to a new home. Make time to talk about how you feel about moving and also ask those around you, who love and care for you, how they are feeling. Following are some questions we are often asked.

Which suburb should I live in?

People often choose the familiar surrounds of their current suburb and that can be important, but what is really important is that your friends and family can visit you easily, so it may be better to pick a residence near where they live.

Will I get specific help for my particular care needs?

All residences are required under the Aged Care Act to provide appropriate levels of care, but some are better suited for specific needs than others.  Although the terms high or low care no longer strictly apply, some residences can better help residents with higher needs. For example you may have specific care needs; through medical conditions, frailty or cognitive decline from various forms dementia. Make sure the residence you like has up to date age care assessments or medical information so they can confirm they can care for your specific need.

Is there always someone to help me?

Care should come first so ask what care is offered, how many nurses do they have and how many personal care assistants? Residences can have different levels of staffing and some may be more suitable for differing levels of care need. Ask about the staffing, how long do staff stay, how many temporary and agency staff do they use.

What about meals and lifestyle?

You may have particular food needs or preferences, particularly if you are part of Australia’s many multicultural groups, so make sure they can meet your meal preferences. Ask about lifestyle. You should still live your life to the fullest, so ask what the residence does to support your lifestyle and what sort of group activities they have, or outings too.

What sort of room will I need, or can I get?

Rooms can be single rooms or shared with others. Sometimes if you can’t get around without help sharing with someone else can better and less isolating. Be open minded about what is best for you.

What can I afford?

There is greater detail in the section on Costs and Fees but want you can afford will have an impact, generally speaking the larger the rooms and the greater the extra facilities the higher the room RAD and there may be additional fees. Then there is location, location, location. Suburbs with higher house prices will often have higher costs.

What’s most important?

Above all it is the quality of care that matters. See if you can find people who know the residence so you can get their opinion or you  can look at independent websites which provide reviews of residences and care providers such as Aged Care Reviews

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