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Welcome to Menarock Life aged care services

Menarock Life aged care services is one of Australia’s most trusted and respected providers of residential aged care. We pride ourselves on providing professional care within our homely and lovingly maintained facilities.

Menarock Life Aged Care Residence

Residential Care

Menarock Life’s residential aged care philosophy is to provide physically, mentally and emotionally dedicated support to each individual. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, secure and homely environment for all permanent and respite residents. We believe that everyone should live their life to the fullest, regardless of their age and we encourage every resident to do so. To assist us with this, Menarock Life has registered nurses on site 24 hours a day, in house chefs preparing daily meals from seasonal produce as per dietitians guidance and daily activities for residents to enjoy.

Our Care
Menarock Life Aged Care Residence

Our Residences

Menarock Life has 10 residences in Victoria. One aged care residence in Southern New South Wales and one aged care residence near Hobart, Tasmania. Each of our aged care residences have been built to cater for 45 to 70 residents. Our smaller aged care homes allow for greater level of one on one care. Our residences cater for respite and permanent stays and in some residences we have dedicated Dementia care wings. We are more than happy to conduct tours with prospective residents and family so that you can get a feel for what Menarock Life offers.

Our Places

Our Voices

Menarock Life understands that there are many things to consider when choosing an aged care home. Not all of them are easy. To help, we have answered the questions we are often asked in our choosing a home section of the website. For example, the difference between an aged care residence and a nursing home. Our What to do section of the website covers this as well as government requirements, costs and what to expect in a Menarock Life aged care residence.

As specialists in aged care Menarock Life strives to provide a safe environment which respects individuals’ choice of care and lifestyle within our homes. The below videos are a great introduction into what life is like in our Menarock Life aged care residences.

Menarock Life Aged Care Residence

Families Speaking

Families talking about their experience with Menarock Life

Menarock Life Aged Care Resident Activities

Resident Speaking

A resident talks about living with Menarock Life

Menarock Life Aged Care Residence

Hear from the Group Manager, Clinical Care

Hear about Menarock Life’s approach to caring for our residents

Menarock Life Aged Care Residence

Director's message

Learn why Menarock Life is in aged care and the philosophy behind our homes

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