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At our Menarock Life aged care homes, our residents are our number one priority. This is noted from your first point of contact with us.

We have a caring team who want the best for our residents and their families.  We offer boutique home like facilities which appeal to the elderly and ease the transition from their home into ours.  Our staff members do not treat our homes as a work place but as our residents’ homes.


Placing a loved one in an aged care facility can be complicated and emotional. A resident’s health and happiness depends on finding the best match for their specific needs and this can be a daunting process with so many aged care providers.


Meals are an important part of our residents’ lives.  Each Menarock Life aged care home has weekly menus which have been created by our dietitians and changed seasonally.  We understand that residents have different dietary requirements, nutritional needs and allergies.  When a resident comes into one of our homes our clinical team will document these requirements and create the meal plans as specified.


Recreational activities are another important part of our residents’ day. Our homes have their own activities coordinator to ensure that the residents continue to receive the appropriate level of mental and physical stimulation.


We also emphasise social interaction and community building through celebrating milestones to having local school groups volunteer at our homes.  Each of our homes has a monthly activities calendar displayed throughout and also given to the residents and family upon request.


Deciding on the right home for your loved one is a big decision and will have a major impact on your loved ones life; we suggest you take all of the above into consideration.

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You could also watch what our CEO and Director speak about Menarock Life’s philosophy to caring for our residents or read a number of Testimonials from residents and their family.


The best way to find out if our homes are suitable for your loved ones is to come in and visit. To get started, contact us today.

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