Choosing a home

Menarock Life understands that there are many things to consider when choosing an aged care home. Not all of these are easy. Finding an aged care residence can be an emotional experience for all people concerned. It is important to have open, honest communication with your loved one. Discuss the options available and the required amount of care. To help, we have answered the questions we are often asked.  

What is the difference between a Residential home and a Nursing home?

There is no difference. Residential aged care facilities and nursing homes are the same thing. Residential aged care homes or nursing homes provide residential accommodation with health care for the elderly or frail. People deemed incapable of living in their own home unassisted. People can reside in an aged care facility either on a permanent basis or for respite care. Residents in aged care homes (nursing homes) receive nursing and chef assistance with day-to-day tasks. At Menarock Life we design our meals for optimal nutrition for each resident. Residents will also receive care where necessary for showering, in the bathroom, dressing and grooming (including laundry). Menarock Life aged care homes have 24-hour nursing care from registered nurses. As part of our individual care plans, our nursing staff will manage all required medicines, continence care and the treatment of wounds. More details about the care provided by Menarock Life can be found here.  

Is the location of the home important?

Family members can make the mistake of choosing an aged care home close to the resident's current address. Unfortunately this doesn't always suit visitors who would like to visit their loved ones more frequently. The choice should also include the ease of access to the aged care home. Is the residence accessible via public transport? Is the aged care residence central to nearby day trip attractions? Frequent visits by loved ones are the best way to transition into a new home for all parties involved.  

Would this aged care home be able to cater for my loved ones specific needs?

It is a requirement that all aged care homes under the Aged Care Act provide appropriate levels of care. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Some aged care homes are better equipped to care than others. These can be due to several medical conditions, frailty or cognitive decline from various forms dementia. It is important to confirm that the residence you choose has up-to date aged care assessments or medical information. Then they can adequately fulfil your loved ones specific needs. Menarock Life residences are able to cater for permanent and or respite requirements. Some of our homes being able to provide dementia care when necessary. We have designed our homes to cater for 45 to 65 residents depending on the location and needs required. Our smaller aged care homes allow for greater level of necessary one on one care. Each resident has individualised care plan suited for just their needs. We review these Care plans regularly and thoroughly to ensure they meet each resident’s mental, spiritual and physical well-being.  

Is the staff to resident ratio adequate?

The highest quality of care should always be a priority in any resident’s experience. Make sure to find out what care is offered. How many nurses they have available. The number of personal care assistants and which qualifications these positions entail? Residences can have different levels of staffing and some may be better suited for the appropriate level of care needed. Ask about the staffing ratio to patients. How long the staff stay at the homes. How many temporary and agency staff do they use? These question are a vital part of making a decision regarding the care that your loved ones would receive. Menarock Life provides 24 hour care 7 days a week at all of our aged care residences. We have at least one registered nurse on site at all times.  

What are the meal and lifestyle choices available?

Your loved ones may have particular food requirement or preferences. Particularly if they are part of Australia’s many multicultural groups. It is important to make sure the home you choose can meet these meal preferences and requirements. Ask about the lifestyle options available. You should still live your life to the fullest at any age. Therefore ask what the residence does to support the lifestyle you would like your loved ones to continue enjoying. Even the possibly of a new hobby may be available through group activities. Certain Homes might make regular outings a possibility. Ask if this is available to your loved one if they are able. Menarock Life has on site chefs preparing fresh meals every day. Using only seasonal foods to create delicious meals. Dietitians ensure the meals meet each residents nutritional needs. We cater for all special needs, including celebrations or special events. We encourage group dining, though will provide in room tray service for those who prefer to eat in private. Read more about our dining and lifestyle in our care.  

What sort of room suit our needs?

Menarock Life rooms can either be single occupancy or shared with others. Often people believe that a single room would offer privacy and independence. However sharing a room with a like-minded person can offer friendship and confidence. We suggest an open and honest discussion on the emotional needs of the resident. Take this into consideration when choosing the accommodation requirements. Menarock Life offers both single and shared rooms throughout its residencies and we can accommodate couples.  

What can I afford?

There is greater detail in the section on Costs and Fees. The cost of the home that you choose can vary greatly depending on a few key factors. For example the size of the room as well as the extra facilities needed. This will determine the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) costs. Other considerations to take into account is the location of the home. Suburbs with higher house prices will often have higher costs associated with them. At Menarock Life we have various room options at each of our residencies. Find the residency that suits your loved one’s needs here.  

What should the priority be in choosing a retirement home?

The top priority should always be the quality of care offered to suit each person’s individual needs. Do some research, ask locals. Read reviews on the internet for examples of what to expect from the home you are considering. There are also independent websites Find the right Menarock Life residence for you or watch some of our videos. See what residents have to say about living in a Menarock Life aged care home.
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