Costs and Fees

Aged Care Residence costs and fees

When entering into permanent residential aged care, there are two types of costs you may need to pay the residence:

1. Accommodation cost

An accommodation cost—otherwise known as the ‘room price’— may be payable as either a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). The accommodation cost may vary between residential aged care residences and between rooms within a residence.

The DAP is calculated by using a government set interest rate,

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR), times (x)

The RAD divided (/) by

The days in the year.

The current MPIR is 4.10%, so for example: a DAP on a RAD of $300,000 would be:

$300,000 x 4.10% / 365 = $33.70

You can also pay a part RAD or DAP combination, so using the example above if you have paid $150,000 of the RAD the DAP would be:

$150,000 x 4.10% / 365 = $16.85

All residences should provide you with information outlining their accommodation costs. Menarock Life has varying accommodation costs depending on the required care and room type at each residence. Costs are available on our each of our residence pages.


2. Daily fees

There are three types of daily fees:

(a). A basic daily fee known as a ‘Daily Care Fee’

(b). A Government assessed means-tested fee

(c). Other fees – these represent other services that the aged care residence provides that are not covered by the Daily Care Fee


(a). Daily Care Fee:
This fee is set by the government and is capped at 85% of the basic Centrelink Age Pension for a single person. The fee changes on 20th March and 20th September each year in line with pension increases. The Daily Care Fee is payable by residents in residential aged care irrespective of pension status or type.

(b). Means-tested fee
Some residents, as assessed by the government, may be required to pay a means-tested fee. The means-tested fee is assessed and charged by the government and is directly aligned with income, assets and care needs. There are annual and lifetime caps to the means-tested fee. These costs are explained more under Government Requirements and Costs.

(c). Additional Fees
Menarock Life do not charge Additional or Extra Service Fees in any of their homes. There are no compulsory fees that apply.


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