Government Requirements and Costs

Australian Government Care Requirements

Menarock Life’s residences are all Australian Government accredited. This means we meet the standards set out by the Australian Government. They will grant suitable residents financial aid by contributing to the costs of their care.

In order for the Government to help with the costs associated for the care of individuals, each potential resident will need to be assessed by the Australian Government Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). This service is independent of the persons general practitioner as well as hospitals. The ACAS team will visit the potential resident and assess what level of help may be needed. This help can include the following:

  • In your home, living independently;
  • Transitioning from hospital to your home or residential aged care;
  • Short stays in aged care known as respite care; and
  • Permanent stays in aged care homes previously known as a nursing homes.

The ACAS assessments will evaluate and decide what level of care required. The ACAS team will provide all parties concerned with a summary of the persons needs titled ‘My Support Plan’. This report will summarise the level of care ACAS have determined appropriate.

Once approved a Referral Code for each level of care will also be sent out to the applicant. This will outline the services for which they have been approved. The code will look very similar to 1-1234567890. This is a unique code which is only relevant to the persons assessed. The code will need to be given to the potential aged care residence as it is necessary to access a further and more detailed ACAS report called the ‘Comprehensive Assessment’.

How you can get an assessment and report

Whilst a patient is in a hospital or receiving medical treatment the process may be started by the hospitals social workers. However, often you will need to start this yourself. For help starting the process of assessments visit the Australian Government’s website: or you can ring them on 1800 200 422.


Government Applied Costs

The Australian Government wants to ensure that all Australians who need care are able to access it. Regardless of their financial situation. As with many other government services a means test will be used to assess what level of costs could be required to be paid by the potential resident.

Financially there are two groups in residential aged care; those who are of low means and those who are not. The major difference between these two groups is that an aged care home cannot require that a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) be paid by a prospective resident who is of low means. Low means residents are often called supported residents, or occasionally concessional residents.


Who is classed as low means?

Unfortunately there is not a straightforward answer to this question. The Australian Government’s calculations involve an assessment of both the income and the assets that have been obtained. Often required is a valuation of the perspective residents home. Being a partial or full pensioner does NOT instantly classify the person as low means. As at 1 April 2020 if a persons assets are over $171,535.20 they will not be classed as low means.

Low means residents can also be asked to contribute a further daily fee called a Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC). The DAC would be based on the individuals circumstances and for many low means residents the DAC is nil.


What are the costs involved for a person who is not a low means resident?

If the resident is not low means they would be required to pay the RAD or DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment) as well as the Residences Daily Fees. The resident may also be asked to pay an additional Australian Government means-tested fee. As with low means residents the calculation includes both assets and income, so high assets / low income residents may have a means tested fee similar to low assets / high income residents.

There are annual and lifetime caps to the means-tested fee. These caps are indexed. The current annual cap is set at $28,087.41 and the lifetime cap is set at $67,409,85


How do I get income and assets assessed?

The government assessment form is available at If this form is not completed it would result in the maximum means-tested fee being charged.

We strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice.

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